Bunk Beds in Bedroom
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Floor Plans

Northwest Airport Inn provides fully-furnished suites with king-size bed. The two- and three-bedroom suites also include large bunk beds. You’ll appreciate the well-appointed kitchen, bathroom with tub and shower, and large living spaces. Choose from our studio which starts at $256.69 per week, or $899.92 for 28 days, our one-bedroom which starts at $297.50 per week, or $1,051.96 for 28 days, or our two-bedroom floor plan which starts a $398.72 per week or $1,400.84 for 28 days. Our new three-bedroom starts at $388.71 per week and $1359.96 per 28 days. Prices are for 1-2 people (1-4 on 2 bedrooms) and include all taxes, utilities, fees, etc. Weekly, or monthly, we also require a $100.00 security deposit for the weekly, and a $200 deposit for monthly.


*Pricing and availability are subject to change daily. Please call the leasing office for more details.